6 Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Carlsbad Damage Teeth

  1. Nail Biting 

    Nail biting can chip your teeth and hurt your jaw. When you bite your nails, you tend to protrude your lower jaw, which places pressure on your jaw joints.

  2. Brushing Too Hard 

    Brush your teeth gently. Plaque comes off easily once you reach it. But when you brush and scrub your teeth really hard, you can damage your teeth’s protective enamel and irritate your gums.

  3. Grinding & Clenching 

    Grinding can chip and crack your teeth. It also places pressure on your jaw joints, causing muscle and joint pain. Many times, a mouth guard is the simple solution to protecting your teeth.

  4. Chewing Ice Cubes 

    It may be very satisfying to chew ice, but the consequences are not worth it. Ice can break your teeth and/or fillings.

  5. Snacking 

    When you nibble on food all day, you don’t really give your teeth a break. Food produces acid that breaks down your teeth. Typically after you are done eating, saliva places a protective coat over your teeth and minimizes the breakdown. However, if you are always snacking, you never give your saliva a chance to raise the pH in your mouth.

  6. Using Your Teeth as Tools 

    Opening bottles, cracking hard nuts or tearing open bags with your teeth can definitely damage them. It is better to just go and find a tool to help you accomplish the task.