Dental Concerns As We Age

Aging Carlsbad

Aging is a normal part of life. We celebrate living longer and try to be as healthy as possible, but unfortunately, as we age, our mouth and teeth can also change. Common concerns that occur in our mouths with age are 1.) Worn enamel from years of chewing and sometimes clenching, causing sensitive or even shortened teeth, 2.) Dry mouth due to side effects of medications such as allergy, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease and 3.) Gum Disease that can lead to abscesses, bad breath and tooth loss.

At Elevated Smiles, we value your health and with every new patient and recall exam, we thoroughly review your medical history and examine both your teeth and its supporting gum tissues. We also examine both intraorally and extraorally to screen for mouth cancers. We understand that you deserve to have a smile that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Call us today at (760) 622-3010 to schedule your appointment. We accept most dental insurances and offer dental discount plans for our non-insured patients.

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