Gum Tissue Charting

What are All Those Numbers my Dentist & Dental Hygienist Chart?

Periodontal charting is a term you may hear us use commonly in the office during your exam especially at your first appointment or any visit to see the hygienist for a cleaning. All those numbers you hear us saying aloud and recording are super important to understand your dental health. This charting is relatively painless and collects 6 different readings in millimeters along the gumline of each and every tooth using a instrument called a perio probe. Why do we need to record all those numbers? The numbers are the depth from the cuff of the gumline to the area where it attaches to the tooth. Typically 2-3mm is considered healthy, 4mm is a warning, and the areas measuring above 5mm are a sign that the structures holding that tooth in are getting harmed.  The deeper pockets are signs of disease and bacteria breaking down valuable structures that keep our teeth strong. After proper exam with the doctor and hygienist using your recorded information as well as x-ray images, they can work to decide the best treatment that suits your dental needs. Fortunately if your gum measurements are deeper than 2-3mm, the dental team will provide treatment that suites you and they teach you everything you need to know to avoid any further issues.

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Periodontal Charting