How Lasers Can Help Your Mouth

When you think of lasers you most likely think of sci-fi movies, but believe it or not, there are lasers out there that can fight bacteria in your mouth that not many people know about. Laser bacterial reduction (LBR) is a quick and painless procedure that destroys bacteria that causes inflammation and periodontal disease.

Periodontal diseases are infections that attack the gums, the cementum that covers the root, the periodontal ligament, and the alveolar bone. Gum disease is something that has recently been connected to atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, premature births, diabetes, and respiratory disease, which is why it should not be taken lightly. The first stage is considered gingivitis and can be seen through swollen and bleeding gums and if not treated can cause teeth to become loose, which is the most advanced stage of periodontal disease.

Laser bacterial reduction is a procedure that can help improve both your oral health and general health. Some of the major benefits of LBR include reduced risk of cross-contamination within the mouth during cleaning and treatments and boosting the immune system which makes the gum tissues more resistant to infection. Whether or not you have periodontal disease, laser bacterial reduction is a procedure that we recommend to do to help prevent bacteria from affecting your beautiful smile!

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