We Would Like to Welcome Kristan, Our Dental Hygienist


We are excited to officially welcome our new dental hygienist, Kristan to the Elevated Smiles team!

Here are 3 Fun Facts about Kristan!

1.)     I love to travel and visit my friends across the country.

2.)     I am the biggest daddy’s girl. He’s my best friend.

3.)     I always loved going to get my teeth cleaned. My hygienist was amazing. I had seen the same hygienist from age 6 until now. She helped me so much through my adventure of getting licensed. She also was my uncle’s (who was a dentist) first hygienist that he hired out in Las Vegas. As soon as she moved here, we followed her to her office in Laguna Beach. Being raised around health professionals, I knew I wanted to be in her field. Having such a great experience with her drew me specifically into the field. In the 3rd grade, I wrote a paper about how I wanted to be like her one day!

To book an appointment to see Kristan, call us at (760) 622-3010 and let us know you are interested in a dental cleaning appointment with her.