What Stains Worse? Coffee or Tea?

Carlsbad Teeth Whitening

Having a bright, white smile is what everyone wants. However, a morning coffee or tea is a must for many of us. Often, these drinks can cause stains on our teeth. Stains are caused by three components: 1.) Chromogens, 2.) Tannins and 3.) Acids.

Chromogens are a pigment-producing substance that latches onto dental enamel and stains teeth. Tannins increase staining potential by boosting chromogens and their ability to stick to our teeth. Acids break down our teeth and make the enamel softer and rougher, allowing a retentive surface for stains to adhere on.

Coffee is both high in chromogens and acid. Having both components helps stain white teeth and turn them yellow over time. Tea however is much worse than coffee.  Tea contains all three culprits. Not only is it full of chromogens and acid, but it is also full of tannins.

Can’t give up coffee or tea? Well, don’t despair! The good news is that your morning cup of caffeine will not cause too much damage when consumed in moderation. What really matters is how frequent you ingest the coffee or tea. The one cup of coffee or tea really will not do as much harm as sipping throughout the day.

Coffees and teas do stain our teeth over time, and that is why there are whitening procedures such as ZOOM whitening that will help bring us back to the teeth shade we want. At Elevated Smiles, we offer a Whitening for Life program, which includes a one hour professional in-chair whitening procedure and custom take-home whitening trays and gels that fit your teeth exactly to maintain your whiteness. With our program, you never have to purchase whitening gels. You get one at each 6 month check up and cleaning. So smile big because you can still enjoy your coffee and tea, while keeping your smile white forever! Call us at (760) 622-3010 to learn more today!